Lots award brochure   The "LOTS" Safety Awards Program may be sponsored for a specific project at the request of a Local Union Business Manager or signatory employer representative. The program is only available to Laborers in good standing employed on that project. Awards may be earned over the duration of that project only. Exception: With prior approval, Laborers who are transferred to other projects by the same employer, may carry their earned work hours with them.

   Awards pictured can be earned by working the hours listed for each hit without a lost-time accident and maintaining an outstanding record of on-time attendance.

   Work hours cashed in for awards do not accumulate towards acquiring other awards. For example, if you have 1300 hours and claim a safety kit(1200 hours) from awards, you now have 100 hours left which will be added to any future hours earned on the project. You may claim as many awards for which you can earn hours, including duplicate awards, during the project sponsored. When you experience a lost-time accident and/or lapse in on-time attendance, all work hours accumulated up to that point are erased.

Lots award brochure   You should keep track of your own work hours and notify your Local Union when you believe you are eligible for an award. Local Union Business Managers will verify all award requests with your employer.

   Awards will be presented to winners at Local Union membership meetings, or on the jobsite. Pictures of the presentation may be taken. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of awards.

   For more information, please contact Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Cooperation Trust.



   P.J. Dick/Trumble gives out a quarterly safety award. Qualifications include no reportable injuries and no safety infractions. The latest winner is Local 373 member Wilbert "Big Tone" Phillips. Tony was employed by P.J. Dick at 3 PNC Plaza for several months. He was presented with a $5,000 check by site safety manager Jennifer Grove. Keep up the good work, Tony!

Lots award at PJ Dick

   Mosites Construction had a company-wide year long "LOTS" program. Among the many projects that Mosites was working was the Rivers Casino.

Mosites LOTS

   Bristol Environmental Inc., had a company-wide "LOTS" program. Among their many projects, Bristol did all the asbestos abatement at the old Nabisco Plant.

Bristol LOTS